Mobile Hairdressing Walton &amp Wakefield Hair E

My name is Jenny Gadd. I am a City and Guilds qualified hairdresser with qualifications from KM Connections Diploma in Human Hair Extensions,cheap hair, Revlon Professional Creative Blonde Diploma, Revlon Professional Colour Evolve Diploma and also a Long Hair Dressing and Styling Diploma. I am located in Walton, Wakefield.

I have an expanding network of clients, located in Walton, Wakefield as well as ,buy hair straighteners, Armley, Adel, Leeds, and Barnsley, including wedding venues around the Leeds and Wakefield area. I do still cover Otley, Ilkley, Menston, Guiseley and Yeadon on certain days. I provide a professional and friendly mobile hairdressing service enabling clients to relax in the comfort of their own home in a timely manner.
With good quality products and creative skills, the mobile hairdressing and hair extensions service is designed to be relaxing, enjoyable and satisfying whilst giving a confident boost. I am hard working, enthusiastic and give a professional, confident and friendly hairdressing service.

Mobile Hairdressing by Jen in Walton, Wakefield offers professional colouring hair treatments,cheap hair straighteners, (Foil, cap highlights, full head tint and many other techniques) cutting, blow drying and party hair for proms, balls, hen nights or special events. I cater for Ladies and children.

Wedding Hairdressing Services

I specialise in wedding hair and do offer wedding hairdressing packages in Walton and the Wakefield area. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, everything must be perfect. No two weddings are the same and I cater to your individualism whether you wish for a traditional or modern style. I work with you and your bridal party to create the style you wish making the big day stress free and relaxing.

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Lecturer Hairdressing, Lecturer FE Careers – NVQ

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Protocol National is the UK’s largest supplier of part-time and full-time staff to the Further Education sector,straighteners, throughout England, Wales and Scotland. We provide colleges with flexibility for all their staffing needs.

We are currently looking for a Lecturer in Hairdressing. To be suitable for this role, candidates should hold a S/NVQ Level 3 (or equivalent) in Hairdressing and have a minimum of 3 years practical industry experience.

This position will be based in Aberdeen,buy straighteners, Scotland.

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HITO New Zealand Hairdressing Industry Training

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Hairdressing and barbers hygiene standards Factshe

73 Miller Street,straighteners, North Sydney NSW 2059
tel 02 9391 9000
fax 02 9391 9101
TTY 02 9391 9900 to indicate the current page –> Home Publications & Resources Factsheets
General Hairdressing and barbers hygiene standards Factsheet Hairdressing and barbers hygiene standards

Hairdressers and barbers do not carry out procedures that deliberately penetrate the skin. However, some procedures can damage the skin and knowledge about infection control and minimum hygiene standards is necessary to keep both clients and hairdressers safe from infection.

Last updated: 01 October 2003

Standards for hairdressers and barbers

Hairdressers and barbers do not carry out procedures that deliberately penetrate the skin. However, some procedures can damage the skin and knowledge about infection control and minimum hygiene standards is necessary to keep both clients and hairdressers safe from infection. The following recommendations are made to help achieve these standards.


All hairdressing salons or barber shops that carry out skin penetration procedures including waxing must be registered with the local council. The register is to be made available for public viewing.
The premises must be kept in a clean and hygienic condition at all times.
The construction of the premises should meet with local council requirements.
The finish on all surfaces within the salon should be made of materials that are easily cleaned.
Adequate lighting is recommended.

Premises that carry out skin penetration procedures require: A hand basin with hot and cold running water. It is recommended that the hand basin be in the treatment area.
Soap or another hand cleaning substance is required to be at the hand basin.
Paper towel or other single use hand drying equipment is required to be at the hand basin.

Personal Hygiene

Hairdressers and barbers must wash their hands before and after attending a client. A clean garment should be worn at all times during work.
If a hairdresser or barber has a cut or open wound on their hands or fingers especially, they should cover it with a water proof sealed dressing.


ALL equipment should be cleaned between uses, including combs, brushes, rollers, streaking caps, clippers, scissors.
It is not recommended to use manual clippers with non-detachable blades as they can not be easily cleaned.
Detachable blades on clippers must be cleaned before being re-used.
Equipment should not be soaked in solutions of disinfectant unless specified by the manufacturer’s instructions. Cleaning the equipment in warm water and detergent and allowing it to air dry should be sufficient. Disposable razors are recommended for shaving. They should be used once and then thrown out.
If the client and/or the hairdresser/barber is accidentally cut, the wound should be tended, then the scissors,straightener, clippers, hook or other equipment which caused the bleeding should be cleaned in warm water and detergent. If equipment can not be immersed in water then remove all visible blood and wipe the equipment with a 70% alcohol swab and leave to air dry.
Capes and gowns used for the protection of the client during a treatment do not have to be cleaned between each use unless visibly soiled, provided clean neck towels or single use neck towels are used on each client.


Single use gloves should be worn (if not already wearing them) when skin is accidentally cut, punctured or penetrated.
To control bleeding from an accidental cut or penetrated,flat irons, matchstick styptic applicators can be used but for one client only. Liquid styptic can be applied to a single use cloth and then applied. Chap stick and roll-on style applicators are not recommended.

After Treatment

All equipment must be cleaned after it has been used.
A management plan should be in place to deal with accidental skin penetrations and all members of staff should know the details of the plan.
All waste should be bagged and disposed daily.
All surfaces within the salon should be cleaned at least daily.

Further information – Public Health Units in NSW For more information please contact your doctor, local public health unit or community health centre – look under NSW Government at the front of the White Pages Metropolitan Areas Location Number Rural Areas Location Number Northern Sydney/Central Coast Hornsby 02 9477 9400 Greater Southern Goulburn 02 4824 1837   Gosford 02 4349 4845   Albury 02 6080 8900 South Eastern Sydney/Illawarra Randwick 02 9382 8333 Greater Western Broken Hill 08 8080 1499   Wollongong 02 4221 6700   Dubbo 02 6841 5569 Sydney South West Camperdown 02 9515 9420   Bathurst 02 6339 5601 Sydney West Penrith 02 4734 2022 Hunter/New England Newcastle 02 4924 6477   Parramatta 02 9840 3603   Tamworth 02 6764 8000 Justice Health Service Matraville 02 9311 2707 North Coast Port Macquarie 02 6588 2750         Lismore 02 6620 7585

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` How to communicate with customers

provide some valuable suggestions

` Scherrer ‘

satisfactory answer 1:

I think my hair as much as possible to the customer to do when counseling is an overwhelming momentum change his ( her ) so that you cut out the aesthetics of hair is possible to meet the customer’s aesthetic is not a show but to tell you how to make customer satisfaction with just the right art technology so that you will improve your language skills and social status also there are questions to answer customer questions when they would also say this as much as possible for customers to find other possible psychological breakthrough in a greater amount is to keep your customers satisfied with the answer

2 :

Yes and customer communication is necessary because this could make the customer feel this shop good service, no matter how here hair is not like talking and laughing, where technology can be ,hair iron, so to the customer will certainly come ,hair straighteners sale, will come back looking for you , why do some people more than old customers , communication is very important , even if your craft in the well to do a hair from start to finish , your throat is not say anything the customer will feel tired sitting in a chair for a long time ,about hair straighteners, where good service is poor, even if you are really good, as long as the customer to find a suitable hairdresser , she will not come next time you shop this pull , so that after you are not interested in pulling back on the barber

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Only 3 yuan !

You can enjoy the original price of 680 yuan College ] [ Golden workplace makeup course package :Foundation + Eye Shadow + mascara + eyebrow + Lip Gloss + Blush + personal color analysis + analysis + face makeup make-up experience + workplace taboo! Find their most suitable makeup image, so that the image of a more perfect! Instantly transformed into a temperament OL! 16:25

the best make-up school of Xi’an, Xi’an Golden *** hot make-up application in photography school,,, _ it _ Xi’an make-up school Baidu paste it 11:16 Xi’an best Hair Training [training] Xi’an Xi’an Golden Hair Beauty Hair & Beauty Training College, Xi’an make-up school right _ _ Baidu paste it 11:15 Xi’an Xi’an Golden Hair Hairdressing Training [training] ○ ☆ ○ → Xi’an Xi’an Golden Hair make-up school right _ _ Baidu paste it 11:15 make-up make-up short-term training schools, the school it _ _ Xi’an Baidu paste it 11:10 the best make-up school internally → 11:10 Xi’an, the best professional photographic make-up school ** [15,829,273,207] — Golden photographic make-up make-up schools, school _ it _ Xi’an Baidu paste it 11:09 published a blog , pre-entry training is an inevitable process. We work for you 09:24

published Bowen qualitatively different cleaning oily skin cleansing mixed Keywords: dense foam, net cool, not tight morning: partition clean. With dense foam in the T-zone oil significantly slow 09:08 Golden College opened the first group of professional make-up only 3 yuan! details contact: 15829273207 Xiao Zhao School of teacher 09:00 Golden opened the first group of professional make-up only 3 yuan! details contact: 15829273207 Xiao Zhao teacher 8:40 published Bowen a nail tips a thorough cleaning before the start of the first disinfected with a germicidal soap and then wash your hands into the bowl of warm water immersion Nenpi so soft. 09:01 Nail Tips: Nail will know the six nail tips – Beauty and Hairdressing Body of Knowledge is a professional knowledge of beauty, hairdressing knowledge, body of knowledge exchange platform. 08:56 Armor 3-steps to make your own slender Yu Zhi – Beauty Hair Body of Knowledge is a professional knowledge of beauty, hairdressing knowledge, body of knowledge exchange platform. 08:55 published a blog post combined with our frequent use of both hands, so that means the hard edge of the thick cocoon more and more arrogant! Do not let them destroy you dry calluses fiber 08:55 published a blog Whatever the internal digestive disease, usually sooner or later reflected in the external surface, while the nail is to help determine whether or not a barometer of good health to you 08:51 digestive function self-test nails crescent – Beauty Hair Body of Knowledge is a professional knowledge of beauty, hairdressing knowledge, body of knowledge exchange platform. 08:45 published a blog post Do not use nail scissors, nail clippers amendment and special use amendment refers to the rasp, so as to repair a smooth, show-long fingernails. Finger choice 08:43 forward microblogging. 17:47 Headline blog: [11 kinds of flowers should not be raised into the room (Figure)] @ zhuhongyuan: 1, orchids; 2, Bauhinia; 3, mimosa; 4, oleander; 5, lilies; 6 Tuberose; 7, rose; 8, Evergreen; 9, hydrangeas flowers; 10, tulip; 11, rhododendrons … …

published a blog Among those fans of the film’s heroes brave, strong, fighting spirit of wisdom and a sense of 17:01

published a blog – all wishes come true in summer training sessions Taylor spleen pole People are increasingly concerned about their own health, the industry also 16:32

published a blog You – the third anniversary of Star face glow perfect start Appreciation Dinner , Yung 15:56

published Bowen special operations battalion Nongfang Yicui brand department on April 15 in the West by the elite Tactical Training will be held in the brand. The training in Golden, director of cosmetics company on behalf of Mr Zhou Weijun, Zhu Hong, Principal Lecturer, teacher factory to 15:12

published Bowen, In house training will be May 28 place, need to work side 15:02

published Bowen resolve what is the real breakthrough will be the bottleneck? What is the real input? What is the real stirring? Jin Ao’s well-planned and analysis, the final decision to open a 14:51

published Bowen, – because I love you, I want to tell you – VIP star high life will be wonderful thank ended April 10, 2011, a new era in high-tech zones Club : / / 14:44

published a blog Fair trade wealth Baoji Station project to the U.S. industry in gold investment level will be the first stop on May 17 in Baoji wonderful sail. The market for and Baoji, the company selected special plant 14:31

published Bowen Camp, president of Achievement

sleep skin care method] [1,cloud 9 straighteners, prime time to be sleeping in detoxification. 2, 3 do not turn on the lights to sleep, sleep mask, moisturizing and whitening. Good sleep mask the use of results,cheap ghd, while side sleeping beauty, wake up the next day you can have water of Wet skin. 4, sexy lips and maintenance. Sleep for the lips before putting the thick film or a thick layer of lip lip oil, lip lines less the next day, the lips moist. 10:28 published a blog post scissors, a glass of water, methods of operation: before the shampoo, cut a bunch of hair about an inch long 09:27 published a blog – White is actually very simple one, often laughing every day can automatically adjust the endocrine put cn/aoX4Ic 09:19 published Bowen eye shadow brush, eye liner before described, and finally coated with mascara. Because eye shadow usually have some faint 09:15 [from the color look like your favorite character] is said people are passionate yellow; like the purple people are romantic; like the blue one are depressed; like people who are cold blue; like red were very enthusiastic; like brown people are secretive; like white people are simple; like black people are very deep; like green people are good. 15:31 1, learn to give up. You do not want to give up something, to give up good things you do not give up you can not do something. 2, Society Mensao. Some things, without debate, subject to the surface, secretly resistance. 3, learn to show weakness. Where sin, where the tummy, crying and then up. 4, learn play the fool. Play the fool is the fashion, to gain sympathy, others take the car, go its own way. 15:27 [1] of life learn to put down, the pressure – tired and not tired, depending on their state of mind; 2 trouble – happiness is actually very simple; 3, low self-esteem – the inferiority deleted from your dictionary; 4, lazy – to change the fate of the struggle; 5, negative – to the left of despair, hope right; 6, complain – and their complaints, as efforts; 7, hesitate – act now successfully unlimited; 8, narrow – wide heart, heaven and earth wide. Read more: 15:25 9 match for human health protection ① green tea + lemon = heart; ② + Music = enhance mental exercise; ③ beef + carrot = strengthening the immune system; ④ strength training + Stretching = shape body; ⑤ Vitamin A + = benzoyl peroxide to eliminate acne; ⑥ egg + orange = off fatigue; ⑦ = curry + black pepper to prevent Alzheimer’s; ⑧ = coffee + aerobic exercise to avoid skin cancer; ⑨ hamburger + yogurt = reduce the body to absorb heat. 15:21 [harm] do not eat breakfast breakfast nutrition accounted for one day 60% -70%, do not eat breakfast immunity, gastrointestinal problems, stones, constipation, hemorrhoids, aging, diabetes , anemia, cold hands and feet, infertility, cardiovascular and other 180 kinds of chronic diseases. Liver injury, most men do not eat breakfast; women do not eat breakfast most hurt the uterus. Want good health, eat some breakfast Oh! 15:09 different blood type personality traits: A blood type ~ obedient, careful careful, modest, self-reflection, affectionate, compassionate, willing to sacrifice, willing to co-B-type blood – ~ indifferent, happy, active, sensitive, understanding,flat iron, optimistic, like fun. AB blood type – understanding and strong, have a sixth sense, friendly, enthusiastic, full of harmony, compassion, enthusiasm. O blood type – strong-willed, confident, objective, energetic, calm, there is action, and reality. 15:04 published a blog A, reshaping the hair curl hair clay mud is so plastic hair hair pro 10:59 published a blog – Xi’an Golden Beauty and Hairdressing Training Academy – how not to harm the hair hair hair will cause thermal damage, it is best to put some conditioner on wet hair gel and hair cream to protect hair from the hot air of injury. But things 18:48 Bowen published Shampoo hair trick is the key to a rich foam that must be followed to maintain hair hair , make hair smooth, enhance blood 18:34 Bowen issued a a people-oriented, educational philosophy of educating people through the first 24 years of glow history, today, now, we thank the students and parents to the 12:51 good news: Golden College (make-up / Hair / photography / Nail / Beauty education + skills) deals — May 30, 31 registration number, regardless of any profession, any class, all tuition discount 300, and a complimentary manicure one week in small classes, and so what, come register part! details contact: 15829273207 Xiao Zhao teacher

12:11 Special good news: the latest discount — Golden School No. two days on May 30,21 application, regardless of any professional, any class, all tuition discount of $ 300 and a complimentary one week nail small, now or never, so what, come enrolled in it! details contact: 15829273207 Xiao Zhao teacher 11:41

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Di Laiya Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Luoyang Yichang in Hu

Enshi Jianshi recruit co-dealer friends who are interested can contact the cosmetics business investment small profit, co-operation easy , and stable customer base .

1. If interested in the cosmetics business, a friend , please give us

2. conscripted production experience Luoyang Di Laiya Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Products Beauty Hair club stores want to have friends to join

Contact QQ918791069 dry wind

Di Laiya cosmetics Co., Ltd. Luoyang Luoyang Di Laiya

cosmetics Co., Ltd. ,cloud nine straighteners, established in 1998 , is the Midwest’s largest beauty salon supplies professional manufacturers , the Department of French Di Laiya cosmetics ( Hong Kong) international Group company focused on creating R & D, production and sales of cosmetics production base.

Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Luoyang Di Laiya long-term cooperation with our customers to the basic principle is :

adhere to the quality of the combination of innovation and technology upgrading , has introduced high -quality new products to meet market needs . Product quality and stability of the production process automation , sales and service of intimate , family -oriented customer relationship .

present, Luoyang Di Laiya Cosmetics Co., Ltd. as nearly a hundred professional hair products category , sales in Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui,hair straightener new, Hubei , Sichuan, Chongqing, Beijing , Shaanxi, Ningxia ,about hair straighteners, Gansu, Shanxi, Hebei, Inner Mongolia , nearly 20 provinces and autonomous regions .

Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Luoyang Di Laiya

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Example risk assessment hairdressing salon case

Health and Safety,new hair straighteners
Executive Important reminder

This example risk assessment is to show you the kind of approach a small business can take. Use it as a guide to think through the hazards in your salon and the steps you need to take to control the risks. It is not a generic risk assessment that you can just put your company name on and adopt wholesale without any thought. That would not satisfy the law – and would not be effective in protecting people.

Every business is different – you need to think through the hazards in your premises and the controls you need for yourself.

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music mix

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